Having Trouble Outsourcing Your Traffic-Generating Content Creation?

Written on October 21, 2014 at 4:45 am, by admin

Of all the various ways to get targeted traffic to websites, unique content creation for your sites & blogs and your article marketing efforts always trumps all other free traffic generation strategies. Having fresh, helpful & unique content on your sites and blogs builds a regular readership through organic search engine optimization, and Article Marketing has worked since the start of the World Wide Web and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Traffic-Generating Content

Why is that? Because most people online are there looking for information, looking for answers to questions they have, or looking to learn more about some topic that appeals to them. And what better way to find that information than through well-written articles on those particular topics?

So it naturally follows that Internet marketers, affiliate marketers and those promoting offline businesses online would use article marketing for attracting targeted prospects to their sites and to generally raise traffic levels to their sites. And busy marketers will outsource the writing to those with the time and expertise to craft search engine optimized, keyword-laden articles.

But that can take a lot of time, too – not so much in finding writers, since there are plenty of qualified writers online, but because the marketer needs to be able to come up with topics for each article. Brainstorming sessions for article marketing topics can take a lot of time, and/or come up with few, if any, new ideas.

Coming up with topics for content is nothing to approach in a haphazard way – it needs to be carefully thought out and properly planned. Not just each article, but a long-term, sustainable approach that builds your business without wasting time. Whether you’re just creating content for blogs and websites, creating content for membership sites or PLR sales, or just looking to increase backlinks and traffic from article marketing, you need to establish a system that works for you and lets you plan your content for a few month’s at a time.

That way, you’ll have a smooth flow of fresh content in place where and when you need it regardless of whether you’re going to write the articles yourself or outsource them to a ghostwriter. And when planned out properly, a growing base of online content and unique articles at the article directories can lead to a nicely growing online income, too!

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